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Information For Event Horse Breeders


Breeders and producers play a vital part in helping find and nurture future equestrian talent. This section of our site is where you can find all the latest breeding news, statistics and results.

News, Awards & the Equine Pathway for Event Horse Breeders

2017 Young Horse Championships British bred Entries

4YO Championships        
401 JESMOND JASMINE  Virginia M Turnbull Grafenstolz Ron Pearson SHBGB
404 TULSA  James Sommerville Bazaars Texas T Jenkins Cleve
407 MONEY TALKS III  Austin O'Connor Cash Point Megan Rees SHBGB
410 JESMOND MYSTERY  Virginia M Turnbull Grafenstolz Ron Pearson SHBGB
415 MISS VELVET BROWN  Amy Tough Aveia A M Bassett SHBGB
416 I DIABLO JOE  Virginia M Turnbull Amoureux Geoffrey Burton KWPN
417 SUMMER WIND  Jake Fowles Grafenstolz Diana Jackson SHBGB
423 THIEF OF HEARTS  Lisa Smith Dick Turpin Mascalls Stud TB - GSB
425 JUST SODA NO ICE  Virginia M Turnbull Stallone Quainton Zoe Feeney AES
426 WELLFIELDS LINCOLN   Sara Squires Luidam Emma Humphreys AES
428 SES HURRICANE  Tim Cheffings Typhoon S Matt Pike SEIS
429 LIGHT THE FUSE  Virginia M Turnbull Royaldik Penny Roots SHBGB
432 REDPATH STAR DANCER  Caroline Day Wish Upon A Star A M Sturgess SEIS
437 TRENT PARCWAY  Zoe Dawson Parco Terry Tomlinson SHBGB
438 RENKUM CAPITANO  Stella Bunn Cap Calando Renkum Stud Farm SEIS
439 FAERIE MAGNIFICO  Amanda Brieditis Grafenstolz Trisha Rickards SHBGB
441 LEGAL GRAFFITI  Andrew Downes Grafenstolz Mrs Marilyn Marathe SHBGB


5YO Championships        
503 GRAFENNACHT  Tom Jackson Grafenstolz Susan Eggleton OLD
509 SFS ARTIC CHILL  Jonty Evans Asterix 'E' Z J R Hales AES
511 CAPUCHIN JACK  Josh Haynes Black Jack Ms C R Phillips IDH GB
516 JESMOND RAINBOW  Willa Newton Grafenstolz Mr & Mrs R Pearson SHBGB
521 JAMAKIN FAER TRIAL  Rosalind Canter Mill Law Jamakin Sport Horses SHBGB
523 SWIRLY TEMPTRESS  Giovanni Ugolotti For Ladies Only Kristina Rausing AES
525 WISBEACH CEVIN Z PRIDE  Alexander Whewall Cevin Z Joan Hood AES
527 SAFIRA  Becky Hartley Spring's Spirit Mrs J Chambers WBS UK
528 MARTIN II  Shaun Murray Campagne Shaun Murray AES
534 JUPITA VIII  Ed Eltham Jigilo Mrs E Northam WBS UK
536 LORDSHIPS GRAFFALO  Rosalind Canter Grafenstolz Lordships Stud SHBGB
542 GRINGOLET  Katie Richards Grafenstolz Mrs J Collier SHBGB
545 PEMBROOKE II  Owen Cooper Dick Z David Moore AES
547 WESTON GOODFELLA  Oliver Townend Weston Justice Weston Stud, Julie Knight SHBGB
549 TREGIDA  Sally Butler Royaldik Preci Spark Ltd SHBGB
552 ZOSIA  Sarah Parkes Cevin Z Jane Starkey AES
554 FABULOUS GRAFELASS  Noah Brook Grafenstolz K Carr SHBGB
560 BILLY BEAUFORT  Lauren Yallop My O My Donal Barnwell AES


6YO Championships        
601 CELTIC MORNING STAR  Andrew James Chilli Morning Mrs Michelle Harries SHBGB
604 TREGONY III  Samantha Hobbs Mighty Magic Preci Spark Ltd SHBGB
605 FERNHILL FREESTYLE  Oliver Townend Billy Congo Ruth Honey AES
613 CASSIOS PRINCESS  Emily Hobson Cassio III Mr Lee Bishop AES
615 LIME RICKEY  Samantha Hobbs Mine Mrs Constance Edmundson NTR
622 VENDI FOX  Jesse Campbell ARS Vivendi Brigitte Hayden ISH
624 MILNERS PREMIERE LADY  Ellie Clarke Primitive Proposal Mr Adrian Buzzard SHBGB
625 TREVILLICK  Louise Harwood Jaguar Mail Preci Spark Ltd SHBGB
627 BILLY MEMPHIS  Felicity Collins Cevin Z Donal Barnwell AES
628 TOTAL DARKNESS  Coral Keen Wish Upon A Star Anne Keen SHBGB
630 GEORGISAUROUS  William Fox-Pitt Caretino Glory Sharon Polding SEIS
648 JTH ZEST  Christina Henriksen Zamboucca Jay Halim SHBGB
650 TRUE BLUE TOO II  Rosie Fry Jigilo D J White-Hamilton SHBGB
655 AS BAGHEERA  Padraig McCarthy Jaguar Mail Jana Khayat AES
661 DREWMAIN FIREFLY  Kitty King Trenavey Sea Heir Drewmain Stud NTR
662 ISINGTON RED FAERIE  Caroline Harris Tinsley Faerie Legend Gail Sinclair SHBGB
670 MGH TOKYO PHIL  Padraig McCarthy Wings Mrs Lucy Mccarthy AES
671 GLOBEMASTER  Clare Chamberlayne Jumbo Mrs A Chamberlayne SHBGB
676 CHAMPIONS FIRECRACKER  Willa Newton Champions Dynamo Champions Park Stud SHBGB
679 MAISTRESSE  Paul Burgess Jaguar Mail Harthill Stud SHBGB
682 J ADORE SALSA  Tyler Cassells Je T'aime Flamenco K Shore AES


7YO Championships        
702 GRAFENELLE  Izzy Taylor Grafenstolz Julie Spencer SHBGB
705 CHILLI KNIGHT  Gemma Tattersall Chilli Morning Mr Chris Stone SHBGB
706 SIR PAPILLON  Laura Collett Sir Shutterfly Jacqui Collins AES
712 GRACIOUS HONOUR  Sarah Parkes Jumbo Grafham Stud, Carolyn Bates SHBGB
713 PRIORSPARK PASSIONATE  William Fox-Pitt Primitive Proposal Mrs Anne Staley SHBGB
714 TOTAL BELIEF  Coral Keen Silvester Mr Steve Keen SHBGB
718 LEGACY  Dani Evans Caruso Lisa Hales AES
721 YES I CAN  William Fox-Pitt Kannan Marietta Fox-Pitt SHBGB
723 DUNGES DON PERIGNON  David Doel Jaguar Mail Alice &Tim Page SHBGB
728 MINTRIDGE LARKSPUR  Mark Ford Up With The Lark Mrs S Barrett SHBGB
729 MR FAHRENHEIT III  Simon Grieve Catherston Liberator Dr Polly Taylor SHBGB
733 CAVELLO PIP  Katie Thrower Commander Joe Redhead AES
735 INCOGNITO IV  Katey Cuthbertson Indoctro The Hon Finn Guinness Brit Arab
737 SNAKES AND LADDERS  Alice Pearson Amazing Jigsaw Rosita Hamar Brit Morgan
741 MENLO PARK  Oliver Townend Eurocommerce Berlin (Caspar) Miss S Vitalini SHBGB
743 GRAFIK III  Annie Bellamy Grafenstolz Mr D Bellamy SHBGB
751 OAKRING DALLIANCE  Sam York Treliver Decanter Miss Sam York WBS UK
752 TJ CHARLENE  Alice Pearson Santa Cruz Johnsey Estates AES
754 EDISON NJ  Carole Dennis No Limit Carole Dennis AES
756 CAVATINA TINKERBELLE  Willa Newton Lauriston Mr C & Mrs V M Prior AES
759 LICANTO H  Jennifer Pearson Licantus Mrs S Bowman SHBGB
760 DREAMLINER  Emil Young-Jamieson Jumbo Mrs A Chamberlayne SHBGB
762 DRUMMER  Polly Stockton Chestnut Park All That Jazz Ann Lawson Brit Arab
768 FARNDON  Marcus Roberts Hemmingway Nicola Burton KWPN



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