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Sporting Regulations and Discipline


Disciplinary List

Updated 16th May 2017

Rule Disciplinary Sanctions will be shown on this list for a period of at least 12 months. Entries on this list will be published by BE from time to time. Details of the List entry will be made available to the person named on written request to the BE Office. 



Name Horse Date added Event Rule Breach Sanction
McNab, Kevin   14.5.17 Aston Le Walls (2) 4.8/5.12 Caution
Wilkinson, Zoe Shannondale Coco 14.5.17 Aston Le Walls (2) 5.5 Fine £75
Gedge, Meggie Cooldiamond Cruise 14.5.17 Millfield 5.9 Ten Penalties
Griffiths, Iona  Woodville Johnny 14.5.17 Millfield 5.9 Ten Penalties
Beer, Cheryl  A Dazzling Turn 14.5.17 Millfield 5.9 Ten Penalties
Fear, Isobel Rubys Grey Boy 10.5.17 Keysoe (1) 5.7 Elimination
Broadley, Eleanor Amberleigh Mouse 10.5.17 Keysoe (1) 5.7 Elimination
Barrett, Sarah Bijou II 10.5.17 Keysoe (1) 5.7 Elimination
Law, Lydia Granit Lad 10.5.17 Keysoe (1) 5.6 Caution
Manning, Tracey Satin Rose 10.5.17 Keysoe (1) 5.7 Elimination
Hudson, Natalie Thurles Silver Rose 10.5.17 Munstead (1) 5.5 Disqualification, Caution, Fine £150
Jackson, Tom   3.5.17 Chilham Castle (1) 5.9 Caution
Sloan, Hannah  Tinkas Flash 3.5.17 Dalston Green (1) 5.6 / Twenty Five Penalties
Gibson, Kerry  Shannondale Milo 3.5.17 Withington Manor 5.5 Elimination, Fine £50
Jackson, Michael  PSH Mischief 3.5.17 Withington Manor 5.5 & Fine £100
Walker, Amelia  Coromandel II 3.5.17 Withington Manor 4.8 & 5.12 Ten penalties
Dixon, Tara  Carracanada Kieran 3.5.017 Ballindenisk 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Northmore, Michelle Fairways Lord of the Ring 25.4.17 Bicton (1) 5.9 Ten penalties
Brooks, Nicole Newoak Stare if you Dare 25.4.17 Bicton (1) 5.9 Ten penalties
Jones, Melanie Loughehoe Cruise 25.4.17 Horseheath (1) 5.9 Ten penalties
Milne Home, Louisa  Future Plans 25.4.17 Dalkeith (1) 5.6 Twenty Five Penalties
Johnston, Avril  Pudd 25.4.17 Dalkeith (1) 5.6 Twenty Five Penalties
Mott, Christie  Seymours Star II 25.4.17 Kelsall Hill (1) 5.9 Caution
Sims, Paul  Last Secret 25.4.17 Kelsall Hill (1) 7.17.1 Fined £25
Haynes, Alfie Mashoor 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Tisdall, Gemma Hermione 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Beier, Kate White Stripes 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Evans, Ruth The Ritz 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Covele, Kirstie  Killedmond Hashbrown 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Kitchener, Harry Bibi Rouge 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.9  Ten penalties
Staveley, Miranda Seefin Dream Catcher 29.3.17 Munstead (1)  6.3.10 /  Caution
Fronda, Gemma   29.3.17 Munstead (1)  5.22  Caution
Matthews, Lizzie Springwind Vange 12.4.17 Larkhill 5.5 Caution
Fox, Roo   12.4.17 Larkhill 1.9/5.3/5.4 Ten penalties
Hunt, Claire Juba 12.4.17 South of England (1) 5.9 Ten penalties
Millar, Aaron Captain IV 12.4.17 Portman 5.9 Ten penalties
Russell, Rosie Fanad West Callar 12.4.17 Portman 5.9 Ten penalties
Dobell, Ellie Clonmore Walter 12.4.17 Portman 5.9 Ten penalties
Watson, Amy Tourmaline II 8.3.17 Epworth 5.9 Ten penalties
Moult, Naomi King Alfred the Great II 8.3.17 Epworth 5.9 Ten penalties
Maksud, Gaspard   3.3.17   4.7 Caution, Fine £150, Disqualification
Knight, Claudia Wanton Warpaint 14.10.16 Littleton 5.5 Caution, Fine £100
Best, Margaret Laidback Lil 19.10.16 Calmsden (2) 5.7  Caution
 Knight, Claudia  Wanton Warpaint  19.10.16 Littleton  1.8 & 5.5  Caution
Chamberlayne, Clare   19.10.16 Osberton 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Staples, Brook Doonaveeragh O Six 19.10.16 Osberton 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Watson, Ibble Bookhamlodge Pennylane 19.10.16 Calmsden (2) 5.9 Ten penalties
Sharpe, Rosemary Canadian Rockie 19.10.16 Calmsden (2) 5.9 Ten penalties
Hamer, Kate Roscrib Black and Amber 19.10.16 Calmsden (2) 5.9 Ten penalties
Cowley, Abbie Kylebrack Star 19.10.16 Calmsden (2) 5.9 Ten penalties
Smith, Vicky Indian King 5.10.16 Aske (2) 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Hill, Catherine Miss Emily 5.10.16 Little Downham (3) 5.9 Ten penalties
Lawrence, Naomi   29.9.16 Gatcombe 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Clements, Tara Andy V 29.9.16 Gatcombe 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Macpherson, Ibby Ballygowan Diamond 29.9.16 Blenheim 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Glentworth, Matthew Ultimatt 29.9.16 Burghley 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Ayton, Adele Ricardo Cavalier 29.9.16 Firle 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Foss, Carly High Falutin 29.9.16 Firle 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Morgan, Diane Waithside Michael Sambertilo 29.9.16 Millfield BEFAR - Controlled Medication Violation


Forfeiture of all prizes and prize money

Fine of £500

Costs of £750

du Heaume, Helen King Bing 22.9.16 Monmouth 5.9 Ten Penalties
Hogg, Charlotte Bearna Rua Prince 14.9.16 Frickley Park (2) Caution
Medved, Natasha Tall Story 6.9.16 Goring Heath (2) 5.5 Caution
Evans, Ffion Belaero 6.9.16 Sapey (2) 5.9 Ten Penalties
Gasston, Lucy Nelgorde Naheez 1.9.16 Keysoe (3) 5.9 Ten Penalties
Mills, Nicole Arden RI 1.9.16 Keysoe (3) 5.9 Ten Penalties
Roberts, Georgina Miss Mariposa 1.9.16 Keysoe (3) 5.9 Ten Penalties
Hatton, Peter Champagne 31.8.16 Llanymynech (2) 5.6 25 Penalties
Robbins, Abby Abra Abra Badabra 22.8.16 West Wilts (2) 5.5 Caution
Sevilla-Rebelderia, Isabella Tawnmore Tyran 22.8.16 West Wilts (2) 5.5 Caution
Crawford, Amelia Artistiek II 17.8.16 Aston le Walls (4) Caution
Hobbs, Samantha   17.8.16 Aston le Walls (4) 5.18, 5.22 Caution
Peternell, Alexander   17.8.16 Smiths Lawn 7.2.4 Caution
McFarlane, Honor Ziggy IX 17.8.16 Smiths Lawn 5.9 Ten Penalties
Lewis, Clare Falcons Fusilier 17.8.16  Smiths Lawn 5.9  Ten Penalties 
Duggan, Ellie Coolnaboy Jay 17.8.16  Smiths Lawn  5.9  Ten Penalties 
Maksud, Gaspard  Thiba Des Bois 17.8.16  Smiths Lawn  5.5  Caution, Elimination 
Fielding, Clare Silhouette 17.8.16  Smiths Lawn  5.5  Caution 
Wilkinson, Zoe Craignure 16.8.16  Hartpury  3.8.3  FEI Yellow Card 
Higgins, Annette KEC Digital Era 16.8.16 Hopetoun 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Reid-Warrilow, Francesca Dolley Whisper 17.7.16 Aachen 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
O'Sullivan, Miss Ginty Ghyllwood April Moment 4.8.16 Wilton 5.5 Caution
Bignell, Miss Ebby The Rite of Spring 4.8.16 Wilton 5.5 Caution
Poole, Miss Kayleigh Gerrie 4.8.16 Wilton 5.5 Caution
Fox, Miss Roo Bonero K 1.8.16 Aston Le Walls (3) 5.3 and 5.5 Caution
Amos, Miss Jodie   29.7.16 Aston Le Walls (3) 5.12 Caution
Wilson, Miss Nici Cedric Diggory 10.7.16 Tweseldown (3) 5.5 Fine £75
Ashton-Rickardt, Miss Sophie Dijon 10.7.16 Tweseldown (3) 5.9 Addition of 10 Penalties
Macleod, Mrs Janice General Joey 10.7.16 Buckminster Park 7.6 Disqualified
Charnley, Ms Anna Valentino VII 12.7.16 Speetley 5.9 Addition of 15 Penalties
Marson, Jane Heritage 28.6.16 Keysoe (2) 5.9 Addition of 10 Penalties
Mrazkova, Tereza Clasic T 24.6.16 Nunney 5.5 Caution
Doel, David A Cooley Connection 24.6.16 Nunney 5.5 Caution, Elimination and Fine £150
Ffooks, Harriet Grant Me A Wish 24.6.16 Nunney 5.5 Caution
Dixon, Miss Pippa Vienvit de Poilley 10.6.16 Houghton 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Agnew, Miss Charlotte Condor L 2 6.6.16 Tattersalls 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Lloyd Webber, Miss Bella Jazzin Along 6.6.16 Tattersalls 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Fox-Pitt, Mr William   6.6.16 Tattersalls 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Lucey, Mr Nicholas Proud Courage 9.6.16 Bramham 3.8.3 FEI Verbal Warning
Robbie, Mr D Aurora Borealis II 12.6.16 Burgie (2) 5.6 Addition of 25 Penalties
Palmer, Miss E Free to Look 11.6.16 West Wilts (1) 5.6 Caution
Clover, Mr Charlie   9.6.16 Bramham 3.8.3 FEI Yellow Card
Dann, Miss Nicola Amazing Grace VI 11.6.16 Speetley 5.5 Caution
Jones, Miss Sarah Everglade 30.4.16 Dalston Green (1) Caution
Clark, Mr Anthony Casterly 3.6.16  Little Downham (1) 5.5 Caution
Tatam, Mrs Ruth  Cashel Court 25.5.16 ROCKINGHAM INTERNATIONAL 5.9 Addition of 10 Penalties
Wilson, Miss Flora Falfield Silver Willow 16.5.16 FLOORS CASTLE  5.5 Caution


For further information on BEFAR cases please click here


Incident Log


Rule The BE Incident Log

The BE Steward, in consultation with the TA, has authority under these Rules to record in the Event Incident Log any conduct of, or circumstances involving, a Member, any person taking part in the Event, or a person connected in any way with a Member, which, though not appropriate for a Disciplinary Sanction, may have given cause for concern. The Log is an internal document which will be made available to BE Officials and others as necessary. The person concerned will always be told, by the BE Steward or Technical Adviser that they are to be added to the Log and of the reasons why. Details of the Log entry will be made available to the person named on written request to the BE office.

The Event Incident Log is circulated to BE Regional Coordinators, Stewards, Technical Advisers, Scorers and U18 Coordinators.  Recorded incidents are serious, although not serious enough to lead to formal discipline. The rider is usually spoken to by Officials at the time of the incident but, occasionally, is written to post-event by the BE Sport Team if the rider cannot be contacted on the day. Officials would rather speak directly to a rider on the day and discuss the matter face-to-face. Officials explain to the rider that they are not going to be disciplined, but their name is added to the Event Incident Log. It is hoped this will prevent further incidents that could perhaps lead to disciplinary action. Entries remain on the list for 12 months. Officials then keep an eye out for these individuals when they next compete to ensure that all is well, and that they understand the rules and, most importantly, compete safely at all times.

Officials have found the list a very useful aide, as very often they will not be officiating at the next event at which the competitor rides.