IT Transformation project update February 2018
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IT Transformation project update February 2018

General Project

Following a meeting between representatives of the Board of Directors and Makepositive prior to Christmas there has been a change to the order in which the project will be delivered. Release 4 (the website) will be prioritised over Release 2 (Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring (EARS)). 

This will deliver the bulk of the project this summer giving greater benefit to all members and enable us to deliver the EARS system ensuring that it is fully fit for purpose.

Release 1 (database) is fully in use internally and is awaiting the final Release 4 (Website) before it is fully functional without the need for the additional syncing process.

Release 1A – the Entry Validations, and Release 3 (Training and Education system) are completed with the exception of the final part, which is again the interface to the new website. Release 3A (Risk Management data input from events) is fully functional and has been used last season by the Technical Advisers.

Next steps:

Release 4 (Website) will now be prioritised to enable the functionality behind Release 1, 1A and 3 - referred to above - to be fully activated and to enable members to start using the new website this summer. When the Website (Release 4) goes ‘live’ this will demonstrate the delivery of the core IT Project. Once this is completed the legacy database will be able to be turned off.

Members will continue to enter using the current entry platforms over 2018, namely BE and BDWP, and Organisers and their Entries Secretaries will continue to use the existing entries administrations systems in conjunction with their chosen entries system.

Release 2 (EARS) will continue to be developed over 2018 and 2019 with the intent of being in main stream use in 2020. However the main priority will be Release 4 until the new website is live. Then work on Release 2 will resume priority with the goal of having the field testing in Quarter 3.

This reprioritisation and refocus will see the delivery of the core IT project by the summer.

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