Win a Racesafe ProVent 3.0 & Shoulder Pads- maximum protection, unbeatable comfort
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Laura Collett Racesafe 29 Jun 17

Win a Racesafe ProVent 3.0 & Shoulder Pads- maximum protection, unbeatable comfort


Racesafe’s latest body protector, the ProVent 3.0, is a new generation of lightweight, flexible and breathable protection, allowing riders of every level the freedom to perform.


The ProVent 3.0 utilises the latest technology to offer riders the highest level of protection (BETA 2009 Level 3), while maintaining unrivalled comfort. This technology delivers by far the lightest protection on the market and, with the new elasticated adjustment, it’s Racesafe’s most unrestrictive model to date.

Combine this with superb breathability from perforated, individually hinged sections and a military grade net outer, and the ProVent 3.0 is regularly described as a body protector game changer!

The good news is that with an expanded size range, using multiple length and fit options, this perfect fit is available to every rider.

Is your body protector older than three to five years? Five reasons why it's important to consider updating...

  • It's less likely to meet the latest safety standards and competition requirements. From 1 January 2018, BE and most organising bodies will require BETA 2009 (Level 3) certified body protectors.

  • Beyond this age, the impact performance and protection from the high-performance foam cannot be guaranteed.

  • It won't use the latest developments that Racesafe have incorporated to make body protectors much more comfortable, lighter and breathable.

  • It's less likely to fit correctly and allow a full range of movement.

  • It may have permanent damage from heavy falls.

Contact the Racesafe team with any questions or why not try on a new Racesafe body protector at a local stockist to see what you're missing!

T: 01536 771051

For your chance to win a Racesafe ProVent 3.0 and shoulder pads, simply answer this question:

Which body protector standard will be required by British Eventing from 1 January 2018?

Enter via the Racesafe website HERE.