Flexibility in Performance Nutrition
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baileys 17 Dec 15

Flexibility in Performance Nutrition

Many a bag of competition mix is bought for a horse who is competing, so “must need something more than cool mix”, but it ends up being underfed because the recommendations on the bag “can’t be right”, would “send the horse off her head” or “make him too fat”!  So, although, the theory is right – that a horse who’s working harder needs more nutrients than a low energy feed provides – this practice does not achieve the desired result.

Whatever the compound feed, it must be fed at the recommended levels, alongside forage, to meet the horse’s nutritional requirements.  Feed any less and he is likely to be missing out; not necessarily a drastic scenario but one which could compromise both well-being and performance.  Baileys Performance Balancer offers you the option to increase the nutritional profile of your horse’s diet without increasing the calorie content as you can add it to their existing low energy feed or use it as the sole concentrate for hard working good-doers.

Designed to provide optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and quality protein for working horses but no additional calories, Baileys have formulated Performance Balancer to provide flexibility alongside other feeds in their Competition Range.  This means you can alter a horse’s calorie intake by increasing or decreasing the amount of mix or cube you feed, but be sure your horse doesn’t miss out by maintaining essential nutrient levels with Performance Balancer. 

Suitably mind-boggled?  Visit the Baileys web site or give them a call to find out how to provide optimum performance nutrition for your horses.


One lucky winner will receive a consultation with a Baileys Nutritionist and feed to the value of £250 (around 3 months’ supply for one horse), while 5 runners-up will receive a voucher for Baileys feed to the value of £10.

Question: Which Baileys product can be fed alongside others in their Competition Range to ensure a horse’s diet remains fully balanced?

Email your answer to online@britisheventing.com by 17th January 2016

Contact Baileys Horse Feeds on 01371 850247 or visit www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk.