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Charles Owen British Pony sponsors 2012 02 Nov 12

Behind the Charles Owen badge

The first in a series of articles from the British Pony programme and team sponsors, Charles Owen.

Every day before you mount your horse, you strap a helmet on your head. But have you ever really considered how that helmet was manufactured or what steps went into creating that helmet?

A helmet is designed to protect your head in the event of a fall, possibly a kick from your horse or crushed under the horse's hoof. Hundreds of different styles exist, and although all certified helmets try to protect you, depending on the accident some do a much better job than others.

A helmet is a combination of parts that work together for three main purposes: the helmet needs to stay in place on the head, prevent skull fracture, and provide cushioning to prevent bruising or shearing of the brain. Charles Owen has gone far beyond to create a helmet that provides the best in comfort, protection and performance.

In the upcoming months, Charles Owen will be sharing a series of articles that explores what is truly beneath that distinctive silver badge. The articles will go step by step through the process of creating a helmet from the first sketch to being sold in stores. Topics will include deciding what helmets to make, the materials used in the helmets, quality control and testing, the people behind the design, how the helmets work to protect you, and how helmets work in real life.

Charles Owen is committed to making a safer world and is excited to provide an all access pass to the processes and technological innovations behind their products.

Do you have specific questions about Charles Owen technology or have a topic you would like to see covered? E-mail