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Ask BE

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shakirra11 21.08.2009 : 15:59

Withdrawals and Refunds


Can I please clarify something.
If you withdraw from an event (for veterinary reasons) but the event states they do not refund after the ballot date however there appears to be another person added to the class in that section which was not on the entries list where would I stand on refunds?

If the event does not refund it should not be allowed to add another person to the class surely?


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Mary-Jane Gale 24.08.2009 : 11:21

Re: RE: Withdrawals and Refunds

Having just had to withdraw two intermediates from one event, that states no refunds after a certain date, but holds a waitlist, it does seem somewhat unfair for the event to recieve two sets of entry fees for the one place.

Carolyn Simm
(BE Staff Member)
25.08.2009 : 12:40

Re: RE: Withdrawals and Refunds

If an event holds a wait list it is obliged, under rule 2.20 ii, to give a full refund (inc VAT where applicable) less £10 to any competitor whose place, following their withdrawal, is replaced from the wait list. This is not affected by the event's refund policy.

The later you leave your w/d, the less likely you are to be replaced and therefore receive a refund as there are likely to be fewer people left on a WL . If times have already by published, the times of a withdrawing competitor early in a section, for instance, may not suit you if you are travelling a long distance but if you are offered a place and do not take it up, you have forfeited your right to a refund.
Most entries secretaries try VERY hard to give competitors a run but this has to be within the guidelines on size of sections and max nos. of competitors that can be run in a day in order to avoid giving helpers such long hours that they refuse to come back - something to be avoided at all costs in a sport that cannot function without the goodwill and enthusiasm of its officials and volunteers.

shakirra11 26.08.2009 : 11:55

Re: RE: Withdrawals and Refunds

I withdrew before the times were published and the competitor that was added to the section was added to the section list on bdwp (but not onto the british eventing list as I checked both!) the day after I withdrew so does that mean I am entitled to a refund?

I understand how hard the entries secretarys work to sort everyone out and am very grateful for their efforts!

John Embrey 30.08.2009 : 21:41

Re: RE: Withdrawals and Refunds

Was the event full or were they continuing to take late entries?