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Ask BE

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S_C 18.08.2009 : 12:21

BDWP and entries lists

Given that several events have had to cancel days this year due to lack of entries, could BE please speak to the entries secretaries who have switched off the feature on BDWP which allows you to see the lists of entries. Not all events have this feature disabled, so I assume the site is not broken in some way.

I could have entered West Wilts or Pontispool and would have chosen whichever had fewest entries, a) to support the events and help keep them running and b) to enable someone who could only do one or the other to have more of a chance of getting in if one had more entries than the other. As it was I simply entered one with a ballot sticker as both had this feature disabled - conversely other events at a similar time such as Purston still have it enabled.

As I am lucky enough to live in the middle of lots of events and often have 2 or 3 within travelling distance to choose from over the same weekend, I always use the entries lists to choose which to enter and to help support less popular events.

Unless BE want to lose more days because people cannot tell which events are likely to still be accepting entries/less likely to ballot, then they really should ask entries secretaries to switch this feature back on and let competitors make an informed choice about where to enter.

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S_C 18.08.2009 : 12:57

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

I have just been informed that there is an article in Eventing saying that entries secs are doing this to try and stop people entering at the last minute.

Whilst I appreciate that it is difficult to plan/pay people etc etc if competitors enter at the last minute, frankly it happens because BE has the withdrawals/refunds system stacked totally against the one-horse rider, and until that changes I doubt very much whether hiding the number of entrants will alter people's habits - none of us like losing money especially when in so many cases it would be avoidable if events were forced to keep a waitlist and replace people who had to withdraw from it.

Lec 18.08.2009 : 13:25

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

I would like to add that I do not enter late because I want to but because it is necessary with my finances and plans with the horse. I had to withdraw Pontispool last time and not got a penny back as a few days after ballot date.

Switching off the number of entries page when these events do not normally do it is slightly underhand and another gripe to add to my many about the sport.

AandK 18.08.2009 : 15:37

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

i agree with above comments. how can competitors plan which events to enter and when, without knowing which ones are up/down on entries..
i think S_C put it better than me but i find seeing how many entries an event has rather useful, especially as i am competing on a ticket this year!

BE PR and Comms
(BE Staff Member)
19.08.2009 : 11:40

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

Dear S_C,
Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. I have forwarded them onto Paul Harris who developed the BDWP entries system and I will provide a response from him asap.

S_C 21.08.2009 : 17:40

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

Any response from them yet?

Because now they have shut entries at WW, not posted any information about whether they will ballot or not, just said Pontispool is still accepting entries. Which is all well and good, but without knowing whether they are balloting or not, and with no entries lists, I have no way of knowing whether I am in or not, and cannot enter Pontispool if I am not because I am about to go on holiday where, shock horror, I will have no internet access.

This new plan, if it is designed to get people to enter earlier, is a complete pain and means I will be avoiding events who choose this route in the future if I have a choice between ones who show me a list of entries and ones who do not.

BE PR and Comms
(BE Staff Member)
24.08.2009 : 11:30

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

Dear S_C,
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I have spoken with Paul Harris and the received entries list that has been referred to is under the control of the Event Organisers, who then commission the Event Secretaries to switch off the received entries list.

When the event has completed their sectioning, they will then publish the section lists and this automatically switches off the received entries list.

Beyond this, I am afraid that I have no further information.

helenc 25.04.2011 : 22:50

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

It is my belief that all the entries secretary's work within a guide line? I am neither an entries secretary nor a BE Event Organiser, nor a member of the BE board! I am just a bog standard owner at the lower levels of competition not even a rider who gets the enjoyment, but think and sit back "Olympics 2012" happening next year, Lot's of newcomers on the scene wanting to be seen and chosen for their countries? can we blame them if in their shoes? yes it is going to be a tough year for "us" under dogs but with British spirit let's live through it? i.e., "Life gives us stuff (s...t), get over it deal with it and move on! we are in a competitive sport?? but let's give the Mark Todd's who I admire greatly achieving Badminton at the age of 55 a grand farewell after 2012. He is focused on what he wanted to achieve and got their well done him. I also admire Laura Collett and Emily Llewellyn but they both have decades to catch up, "patience is a virtue?"

claire hamshaw 11.05.2011 : 23:31

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

I too ride at BE100 (hopefully moving upto novice this year). It makes no difference whether I can see lists or not - I still have to enter quite late due to my finances. I'm one of the many who work full time and my horse is my hobby. I tried eventing on day tickets two years ago and loved it. I love everything about the sport but it is expensive and every last penny is saved to feed my BE habit! I don't get to enter that many Events (again, due to the cost). I made an effort to enter Tweseldown and Borde Hill well in advance for the benefit of BE, and typical - my horse has now been kicked in the field, had the vet out and is now on two weeks box rest. I have cancelled Tweseldown, where I will get no refund and although he should be better for the following week, he would have had 2.5 wks off work so will probably be unable to do our local Borde Hill, and I possibly won't get a refund there either. Even with a vet's certificate. This is a bitter pill to swallow. So I will go back to entering as late as I possibly can as I simply can't afford to lose that kind of money.

Diane E Brunsden 20.08.2013 : 07:19

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists


nsamuel 02.09.2013 : 18:37

Re: RE: BDWP and entries lists

My main gripe is when you withdraw and you know for a fact that your place is filled (for example I actually knew the woman who took my place at Iping last year) and they still don't give you a refund. The argument given is that if there are still spaces on the day, ie last minute withdrawals, they don't have to refund you. This is a very naughty practice as it should be one-out, one-in and the one out gets their money back as soon as the one in pays. It's naughty as the organiser gets to keep the money from those who withdraw on the day, plus take the money from the person replacing you, AND your money. V v naughty and not something that we will be doing when I am running a horse trials next year!