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Ask BE

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Kelly 10.08.2009 : 17:22


I have just entered my 1st ever BE90 and am now starting to panic that i havent got the right equipment. (although i prob have it's just me being silly)

Do i have to have shoulder protectors on my body protector?


Do i need my own number bib?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Jeni Walker 10.08.2009 : 20:50

Re: RE: BE90

yes you need your own number bib but shoulder protectors are completely up to you...have a fab time, which one are you going to??
Jeni X

Kelly 10.08.2009 : 21:54

Re: RE: BE90

Hi Jeni

Thanks for that i'm going to Winkburn near newark. As it quite close to where i live. Never been there though but have seen some good comments.

Thanks again

Kelly x

Carolyn Simm
(BE Staff Member)
11.08.2009 : 10:37

Re: RE: BE90

Shoulder pads on body protectors aren't obligatory Kelly, and some manufacturers don't offer them so no worry there. Although you could borrow a number bib, it would be better to have your own so you don't have to adjust the fit or worry about damaging it; they are available from BE online or by phone for £11.50 inc p&p.

I'm sure you are organised but just checking - do you have an armband with a BE, not PC, medical card? Correctly filled in? Don't forget to take your SJ&XC hat(s) with you to be tagged when you collect your number, and take your horse's passport too. You'll like Winkburn, it's very friendly and maybe I'll see you there; might even be me that tags your hat as it's often the BE Scorer who does that!

Kelly 11.08.2009 : 10:48

Re: RE: BE90

Hi thanks for the reply, i have the musto xc top that the event riders wore for the express eventing competition. It has a built in medical card and has a little booklet inside for me to fill in. I haven't done that yet. Will that be ok? If not where do i get a BE card from?

I will buy a number bib.

Thanks for all your help!

Carolyn Simm
(BE Staff Member)
11.08.2009 : 14:38

Re: RE: BE90

Not having seen the card in your Musto top, I thnk you would be best having a 'proper' BE card. Ring me on 02476 698856 to buy a bib and I'll put a card in at the same time Kelly.

Michelle Anderson 29.10.2009 : 13:29

Re: RE: BE90

Hi - having completed my first BE80(T) this year, I would like to have a go at BE90 but I have found that the xc courses vary quite a lot technically and visually with some looking quite scary! I am in the south east - can anyone provide any advice on which venues are best for competitors just starting out? Am happy to travel up to two hours to a venue. Many thanks

Bolders 30.10.2009 : 11:51

Re: RE: BE90

Hi Michelle, A tip I was given for the XC that helps alot is to always walk the course twice!!! For some reason they dont look anywhere near as big second time around! Hope that helps :-) Crown Farm is a lovely venue as is Burnham Beeches not sure how close either of these are to you.