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Ask BE

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Merrilyn Berry 31.12.2011 : 15:50

Dressage Test 95

Surely this can't be right

1/2 20 Metre Circle Right to B

Free Walk on a Long Rein to F

This wouldn't give you time to establish free walk from BF!

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Lois Pope
(BE Staff Member)
03.01.2012 : 12:51

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

Thank you for this.

Movement 14 should read as follows: -

EBF - 1/2 20 Metre Circle Right Free Walk on A Long Rein ................. 10

We have corrected the test on the Dressage Test Download page and will update Annex 11 when final proofs come in from our printers.

Good luck for the new season ahead!

Darkstar 27.01.2012 : 21:51

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

So just to clarify..

Its a half 20m circle right from E to B then straight to F?

Debbie Marfell
(BE Staff Member)
30.01.2012 : 10:07

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

To confirm, it is a 1/2 20 metre circle from E to B and then once you rejoin the outside track at B you continue straight on to F.

Darkstar 06.02.2012 : 14:40

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

Thank you! I always worry about the stressage element!

Hele 16.07.2015 : 22:15

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

Do you join left or right onto the track, sorry I'm new to dressage and not quite sure!!!

BE Marketing
(BE Staff Member)
17.07.2015 : 11:06

Re: RE: Dressage Test 95

HI Hele

Do you want to drop me an email as I don't quite understand what you are asking?
My email is