Event Details


at Foxdale, Oasby, Nr Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3ND, United Kingdom
Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 October 2018

Event Schedule

Entries Open 07 Sep 2018
Late Entry Surcharge Date 03 Oct 2018
Ballot Date 21 Sep 2018 @ 12 noon
Ballot Period October
  • Organiser - BEDE Events
    Cottage 5, Shelford Manor, Shelford, Nottinghamshire, NG12 1ES. Phone: 01949 829061 (Office Hours). Mobile: 07464 803781 (Event days only). Email: info@bedeltd.co.uk. Emergency number on days of event: 07464 803781
  • Entries - BEDE Events Ltd
    Cottage 5, Shelford Manor, Shelford, Nottinghamshire, NG12 1ES. Phone: 01949 829061. Mobile: 07464 803781 (Event days only). Email: entries@bedeltd.co.uk. Web: http://www.bede-events.co.uk
  • SJ Course Designer - Miss B Wood
  • XC Course Designer - Stuart Buntine

Classes & Fees

ClassDaysDressage TestEntry FeeAbandon PremiumTotal PayableLate Entry Surcharge FeeStarting Fee
NSat N130 (2016)£83.89£9.02£92.91£104.91£18.00
ONSat N130 (2016)£83.89£9.02£92.91£104.91£18.00
ONu18Sat N 114 (2016)£83.89£9.02£92.91£104.91£18.00
ISat I 117 (2009)£114.85£12.35£127.20£139.20£20.00
OISat I 117 (2009)£114.85£12.35£127.20£139.20£20.00
OIu21Sat I 117 (2009)£114.85£12.35£127.20£139.20£20.00
BE90Sun BE 92 (2009)£68.81£7.40£76.21£88.21£15.00
BE90OpenSun BE 92 (2009)£68.81£7.40£76.21£88.21£15.00
BE100Sun BE 108 (2016)£68.81£7.40£76.21£88.21£15.00
BE100OpenSun BE 108 (2016)£68.81£7.40£76.21£88.21£15.00

Event Information


Entry fees include VAT. VAT Reg No 829129120. Please make cheques payable to BEDE Events Ltd. 

INTERNET entries will be accepted on www.bede-events.co.uk  
WITHDRAWALS by 6pm 8th October by email to entries@bedeltd.co.uk 
A WAIT LIST will be maintained.

REFUND POLICY: All entries withdrawn before ballot date will receive 100% refund of all monies.  All entries received before ballot date and withdrawn after ballot date that are replaced will receive a refund minus an administration fee of £12 plus VAT, as per Rule 4.11.2.  All entries made after ballot date and subsequently withdrawn before the withdrawal date, that are replaced will have a 75% refund.  NO refunds will be made after withdrawal date.  

STARTING TIMES are available on 11th October on website www.bede-events.co.uk  Start Fees are payable on collection of numbers. A card machine will be available to take fees.


For local stabling information, please see website www.bede-events.co.uk. All stabling payments to be made to the stable provider. For timetabling purposes please notify on your entry form if stabling overnight.


ONu18 class - 2019 Qualifier 


Prize Money for Novice and Intermediate. Prizes in kind for BE100 and BE90. 


Oasby is run over flat ground (one valley). The cross-country course is suitable for all levels, and is a popular course that provides good experience at all levels. The Intermediate track will follow the Novice route with an extra loop. The course will be agrivated if necessary.


Hot and cold food available on site. List of accommodation is available from www.bede-events.co.uk


In case of ABANDONMENT please check website www.bede-events.co.uk, social media or phone 07464 803781. Contact number during the event - 07464 803781. CAR PASSES - no passes will be issued as there is no charge for admission. BEDE VOLUNTEERS - Ballot stickers are not needed for volunteers at this event. Please indicate in Requests if you helped in 2018. All volunteers must enter by ballot date to avoid the ballot, late entries will be added to the wait list. ENTRANCE POLICY - no car charges apply.


Oasby is located off the A52 approx 5 miles east of Grantham. It will be signposted off the A52 and the B6043. Grid reference TF005388. Please do not follow Sat Nav as this will direct you to village not venue.