Event Details

Sponsored by TBC


at The College Equestrian Centre, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, MK44 2JP, United Kingdom
Friday 25 to Sunday 27 August 2017

Event Schedule

Entries Open 21 Jul 2017
Late Entry Surcharge Date 15 Aug 2017
Ballot Date 04 Aug 2017 @ 12 noon
Ballot Period August
  • Organiser - Mr Simon Bates
    The College Equestrian Centre, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, MK44 2JP. Phone: 01234 708400. Email: Web:
  • Event Secretary - "The Event Secretary"
    The College Equestrian Centre, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, MK44 2JP. Phone: 01234 708400. Email:
  • SJ Course Designer - Mr Mike Benfield
  • XC Course Designer - Eric Winter & Angus Smailes

Classes & Fees

ClassDaysDressage TestEntry FeeAbandon PremiumTotal PayableLate Entry Surcharge FeeStarting Fee
BE100Fri Sat Sun BE 106 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
BE100OpenFri Sun BE 106 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
NFri Sat N 111 (2010)£79.90£9.19£89.09£101.09£20.00
ONFri Sat N 111 (2010)£79.90£9.19£89.09£101.09£20.00
IFri I 115 (2011)£109.38£12.58£121.96£133.96£20.00
OIFri I 115 (2011)£109.38£12.58£121.96£133.96£20.00
BE80(T)Sun BE 95 (2012)£65.53£7.54£73.07£85.07£15.00
4YOSun BE 95 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
BE90Sat Sun BE 95 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
5YOSat BE 106 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
Nu18Sat N 114 Nu18£79.90£9.19£89.09£101.09£20.00
BE90OpenSun BE 95 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00
BE100u18Sat BE 106 (2012)£69.30£7.97£77.27£89.27£15.00

Event Information


90, 100 and Novice classes will run on multiple days - please state clearly which day you wish to compete under "special requests" on entry form.


Entry fees include VAT. VAT Reg No 563 4018 55. Please send entries to the Event Secretary. Please make cheques payable to THE COLLEGE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE. Separate cheques are required for each horse (with horse's name on back). Please enclose separate 22cm x 11cm (DL size) SELF SEAL SAE for each horse. Send separate cheque for stabling (see below). INTERNET entries will be accepted on ALL CHANGES AFTER BALLOT DATE WILL INCUR A £10 ADMIN CHARGE. WITHDRAWALS by 21/08/2017 12:00 AM.Please post, fax on 01234 708973 or email: Please do NOT telephone. REFUND POLICY: As per Rule 4.11.  100% refund for entries withdrawn before ballot date.  Thereafter, entries that are replaced from the wait list will received a full refund plus VAT subject to a £12 administration charge plus VAT.  Entries made after ballot date are not eligible for a refund.  STARTING TIMES are available between 23/08/2017 3:00 PM and 23/08/2017 5:00 PM on 01234 708400. Starting Times also available on website


£40.00 for first night including a £10.00 "empty and clean box" refundable deposit. Day boxes £20.00 (also inc deposit)- please send payment with entry on separate cheque. Please call to arrange bedding or bring your own.



KBIS Young Horse Championship Qualifier - 4 and 5 year olds

BE100u18 & ONu18 classes - 2018 Qualifiers


PRIZE MONEY  Lower Limit.

BE80(T): Prizes in kind.


Flowing courses on ground that will be prepared to allow riders to make the time. We will put as much effort as is necessary to give good ground conditions on the courses, arenas and working in areas. Our long term grass management programme is working very well. Dressage on well prepared flat arenas (four will be on a surface), Showjumping on Martin Collins waxed surface, using our BS championship set of fences, working in also on surface. Cross country a mix of fixed and portable fences, strong questions will have an alternative. We have a wide range of complexes including the waters, banks, steps, & ditches.


Hot and cold food and licensed bar on site. Accommodation list is available from the Organiser - please send SAE. List also available on website.


In case of ABANDONMENT please phone 01234 708400 or 07775 926509.
DOGS must be kept on leads at all times. ENTRANCE POLICY - Free parking and admittance to all, spectators welcome


Grid reference TL071615. Keysoe - take B660 from Kimbolton or Bedford to Keysoe. The centre is located along Church Road. Map available by post (SAE), fax, or online.