Event Newsflash - 13/05/2016

BE80(T) Guided XC Course Walks will take place at 1045, 1145 and 1245 - meet at the start. The guided SJ course walk is at 1400.

The course will be open for walking in accordance with rule i.e. not before 1400 on Friday. Please do not walk the course after 8pm on Friday or Saturday evenings - the site will be closed.

Competitors will not be able to camp or stay in their vehicles overnight at Millfield. The site will close at 8pm each night.


at Millfield, Somerset, BA6 8LD, United Kingdom
Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 May 2016

Event Schedule

  • BE Organiser - Danny Anholt
    Millfield Equestrian Centre, Street, Somerset, BA16 0YD, United Kingdom. Phone: 01458 444205. Mobile: 07970 165146. Email:
  • Entries Secretary - Miss Miranda Collett
    2 Merrymeet Cottages, Whitestone, Exeter, Devon, EX4 2JZ. Mobile: 07765 184725. Email:


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