Event Newsflash - 06/06/2017

Julie Lawson will be conducting course walks at the following times for BE 80 Competitors. XC Walk at 8.30am meet at the start box SJ Walk at approx. 12.15pm meet in the collecting ring Please take full advantage of Julies expertise
Approx. Timetable
BE90 Sections ABC Dress 0800 SJ 0850 XC 0950; BE90O Section D Dress 1100 SJ 1136 XC 1224; BE80(T) Sections E F Dress 1000 SJ 1250 XC 1330; BE100 Sections G H Dress 1230 SJ 1540 XC 1620; BE100Open Dress 1530 SJ 1725 XC 1800

Sponsored by Close House


at Kirkley Hall, Ponteland, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, NE20 0AQ, United Kingdom
Sunday 11 June 2017

Event Schedule

  • Organiser - Mr John Tilley
    Phone: 01661 823655. Mobile: 07712 896364. Email:
  • Entries Secretary - Mrs Sue Thompson
    Manor Farm House, Dunkirk, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 6LZ. Phone: 01244 851164. Mobile: 07917 678400. Email: Enquiries evenings only before 9.30 PM
  • SJ Course Designer - Tracey Barraclough
  • XC Course Designer and Builder - Peter Wilson


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