Event Newsflash - 13/04/2017

The cross-country course is available for walking from 2pm on Friday in accordance with rule Please be aware that the gates will be locked at 7pm on Friday evening. On Friday, please drive up to the yard, turn right and park in the top lorry park for course-walking.

To help you plan your day, the SJ course walks are at the following times. Please be aware that SJ course walks may have to change if the ring is not running to time - do listen for announcements. SJ Course Walks on Saturday: BE100 - before 0920, at 1100 and 1230. Novice at 1400 and 1510. Intermediate Novice at 1640. SJ Course Walks on Sunday: BE90 - before 0845, at 1000, 1130 and 1300. BE80(T) at 1430 and 1600.

BE80(T) competitors are invited to join their BE Coach for a guided course walk at 1200 or 1300 on Sunday - meet at the start. Your coach will also be at the SJ arena for a guided SJ walk at 1430. She is available all day to help you - do= ask any questions. When not taking guided walks, she will be based in the SJ warm-up area.

A reminder to all competitors - Rule 5.9 Pace Throughout the Event, Competitors are free to choose the pace at which they rider. They should, however, always take account of the requirements of each phase, the prevailing conditions and terrain, the fitness and ability of themselves and their Horse and all other factors which may be relevant to the welfare of both Horse and rider. On the cross country course, they must also have regard to and respect the class speed, the optimum and 'too fast' times.
Deliberately slowing down near the end of the cross-country course to avoid time penalties is likely to incur a disciplinary sanction.

It is clear from reports around the country that many Competitors are failing to manage the pace at which they ride across the country. Rule 5.9 explains the proper approach to Pace. The speeds for ea= ch class have been set with safety and welfare in mind.

While a lot of riders have been incurring 'too fast' time penalties, others have avoided these only by misuse of a watch and slowing down near the end of the course. The disciplinary sanctions in Rule 3.8.1 for this breach of Rule 5.9 include Elimination or the addition of penalties to a Competitor's final score.

If you are going to rely on a watch, please make sure you do the necessary preparation beforehand and then use it properly. All information relevant to Pace, including the distance, class speed, the optimum and 'too fast' times, can be seen at the secretary's tent and the cross country start.

Michael Munden, BE Steward
Eric Winter, BE Technical Adviser


at Allenby Barracks, Bovington, Wool, Dorset, BH20 6JG, United Kingdom
Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 April 2017

Event Schedule

  • Organiser - Stephanie Buchanan BHSII (SM Cert)
    Armour Centre, Allenby Barracks, Bovington, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6JA. Phone: 01929 403580.
  • Entries Secretary - Miss Miranda Collett
    2 Merrymeet Cottages, Whitestone, Exeter, Devon, EX4 2JZ. Mobile: 07765 184725. Email:
  • Event Secretary - Mrs Sue Cobb
    Armour Centre, Allenby Barracks, Bovington, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6JA. Mobile: 07786 255293. Email:
  • XC Course Designer - Mr Adrian Ditcham


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