Events Accepting Entries Online - BE Online Entry System
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Events Accepting Entries

Events currently accepting entries:

The events listed below are currently taking entries through the BE online Entry system, if the event you wish to enter is not listed below please check the event's schedule page for details of how to enter.

Name Start Classes Day 1 Classes Day 2 Classes Day 3 Location Enter Event
BRAND HALL 02/06/2018 ONu18, *WL, J*, NWL, ONWL, NRFWL, NRF, BCP, N, ON, *, Nu18WL, BCPWL, J*WL BE90 Market Drayton Enter Event
BERRIEWOOD 09/06/2018 BE100, BE90 BE100O, BE100P, BE100O, BE80(T Shrewsbury Enter Event
KIRKLEY HALL 10/06/2018 BE80(T, BE90, BE100, BE100O, BE90Op Tyne and Wear Enter Event
NUNNEY INTERNATIONAL 15/06/2018 **, BE100P, BE100, N BE100O, 5YO, IN, ON NRF, OI, I FROME Enter Event
TREBOROUGH HILL (1) 23/06/2018 N, BE100, BE90, ON, BE100P BE90Op, BE80(T Watchet Enter Event
CHEPSTOW 30/06/2018 BE100O, IN, BE100, N, NRF, ONu18 BE90, BE80(T, 4YO Chepstow Enter Event