A message from David Holmes - British Eventing
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A message from David Holmes


David Holmes

September/October 2017


When the September/October issue of BE Life lands we will had all of the European Championships and we all hope very much indeed that they will have acquitted themselves well and to have come home with plenty of silverware.


We do know that the Juniors and Young Riders had an amazing weekend in Ireland with individual gold and team silver to the Racesafe Juniors and individual silver and team bronze for the Young Riders – congratulations to all the riders and their parents and support staff and also a huge thank you to the Chefs, selectors, coaches and vets.


Closer to home the U18 Regional Team Championships at Frickley Park took place at the end of July. Congratulations to all riders and especially to the U18 Coordinators, Assistants and Coaches for the work that you have done to get to Frickley and a special thank you to William Buck, Vanessa Fleming and BE100u18 sponsors the National Saddle Centre.


We have received the proposed rule changes from the FEI; some of which is going to have a significant effect on our sport and given the number of FEI competitions we run will mean a degree of appropriate consultation with organisers to ensure that we can meet the new rulings for next year whilst ensuring the interests of our all-important organisers are protected.


Much work has also been going within the BEF during the last months; since the BEF is required to align itself with the new UK Sport Governance Code by the 31st October (similar to all sports in receipt of Lottery funding), we have been working closely with the other members of the federation to ensure that we can meet this target in a way that is a benefit to the federation and it's working.


Some may have seen that our place in the 2024 Olympic Games has been confirmed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), there was a great deal of work done over the last couple of years to ensure that all the Olympic Disciplines could make changes that would ensure that this happened. It is however not time to relax; with so many sports competing to be a part of the Olympic Games it is vital that we all keep looking at ways that we can increase engagement and reach of our sport.


As we are now heading quickly into autumn we are very much looking forward to this year's splendid three day events.


Our IT Transformation Project continues with the Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring (EARS) part of the project being field trialled in August, September and October followed by the final stage of the project, the website, being worked on over the coming months.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM at Osberton International at the end of September and please don't forget to vote!




*BE Magazine come free to BE members but subscriptions are available.  BE Membership is available for as little as £25 a year.


BE Strategy  

During 2015 David Holmes with his team at HQ and the Board of Directors developed a 5 year strategy for the organisation.  The end result of the process, which included a consultation day with the group listed is the strategic 'Plan on a Page' which sets out the direction for the sport and the business for the next 5 years.  Underpinning this Plan on a Page is the operational plan that David and his management team at HQ implement to achieve the goals set out in the strategy.  

The Plan on a Page can be downloaded HERE

Strategy Group
The key personnel involved in the development of the strategy at the time are listed below:

Board of Directors  - Paul Hodgson (Board Chairman), Suzi Cotterill, Alex Fox, Tim Holderness Roddam, David Holmes, Guy Prest , Giles Rowsell, Nigel Taylor.

Jane Holderness Roddam – President of British Eventing.

BE Staff - Head Quarters: Wendy McGowan (Chief Operating Officer), Andrew Kirkby (Chief Information Officer), Debbie Marfell (Sport Manager – Events), Chris Farr (Sport Manager – Operations), Olivia Szajna (Manager - Marketing and Sponsorship).

BE Staff; Regional Coordinators Bruno Brennikmeijer and Sarah Hamlyn, Mandy Hervieu – Director of Blenheim Palace Horse Trials.

Lis Astall – Chair of the British Equestrian Federation Council.
Daisy Berkeley – FEI Rider representative.    
Cathy Butler – Chair of Event Horse Owners Association (EHOA).
Jan Cottam – Chair of British Eventing Organisers Association (BEOA).
Margie Gibb – Representative from the Horse Trials Support Group (HTSG).
Bruce Haskell – Chair of the Event Riders Association (ERA).
Christie Wright – Chair of the BE Training & Education Committee.

The strategy day was led by Nicki Kavanagh supported by Marta Evans from management consultancy, The Juniper Company.