Information on the governing body of British Eventing
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Organisational Structure


Principles BadgeFormerly the British Horse Trials Association (BHTA), the organisation changed its name to British Eventing in 2001 and is run by the Chief Executive, David Holmes with his team at the head office at Abbey Park, near Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

British Eventing Board

In 2018 British Eventing will be holding an election for two Directors, the links on the right hand side contain more information, including role description and nomination form. 

The organisation is served by a non-executive Board and the Directors  serve on a voluntary basis. Members of the board usually have a connection with the sport either as owners, riders, or event organisers for example. There can be up to nine Board Directors, and the Chairman is appointed by the Board. Except for the Chief Executive, who is a Director by virtue of his position, Directors can be elected (up to four Directors) or co-opted (up to four Directors) to serve a term of four years. They can serve a further four years in direct succession if re-elected or re-appointed. However, they must retire for two years if they have served two consecutive terms. Following this break they can then be reappointed or stand for election again. 

Elected Board directors are voted for by the membership and notice is given to the members when ever an election is due to take place.

Co-opted Board directors are chosen for their expertise in their chosen business environment, expertise they bring to the management of the organisation. The Board meets a minimum of six times a year.  

The Board is responsible for the overall good governance of the sport and the financial health of the organisation.   BE is signed up the the SRA Code of Good Governance and the company constitution is set out in our Articles of Association.


Click here to download our Strategic 'Plan on a Page' till 2020, last updated February 2018

Line management 



You can contact the BE office via the Contact us page and find your Regional Coordinator on the Regional Staff page.


 The Board is supported by a number of Committees which make recommendations to the Board on all matters relating to the running of our sport and for the benefit of the members.

What each of these committees do is set out in the Terms of References which can be found on the Committees page.



Charitable Foundation

The British Eventing Charitable Foundation, or BECF, was instated in 2014 in order to provide an increased number of opportunities for as many people as possible, whatever their experience, to become involved participate and enjoy the sport of eventing so that they may gain from the unique benefits the sport offers.


Charitable Foundation smallClick the logo to find out more.




Jane HRPresident of British Eventing

BE's President is former Olympic event rider and previous Chairman of the Board, Jane Holderness-Roddam CBE LVO. There are also two Vice Presidents: Polly Lochore and Lucinda Green. Richard Meade who passed away early in 2015 was a Vice President as well. These are honorary titles, bestowed on those who have been truly exceptional in their support, leadership and commitment to our organisation and sport.




Founder Members of British Eventing

BE is grateful to the following people who showed their support and commitment to the sport when BE (then BHTA) first became independent in 1997 from the British Horse Society. 

They are in alpabetical order:

• Mr Philip Adkins 
• Mr Michael Allen 
• Mr Francis Birks 
• Miss Katy Deithrick 
• Miss Joyce Fielden Porter 
• Mr John N Foden 
• Mrs Hannah Fowler (nee Freeman) 
• Mr W G Henson 
• Miss Elizabeth Ioria 
• Mr G F Lane Fox 
• Mrs Polly Lochore 
• Mr Alistair Martin-Bird 
• Miss Joanna Mason 
• Capt Mark Phllips CVO FBHS 
• Mrs A L Rook 
• Mrs Carolinie Sheridon (nee Doel) 
• Miss Stefanie Thompson 
• Mr John Tulloch 
• Miss C S Wheatley-Hubbard 
• Miss Sarah Williamson 
• Mr Rhydian Wynn-Williams